Just a Gigolo 1978

Just a Gigolo 1978

David Hemmings directed this good/bad film which stars David Bowie in a somewhat disappointing followup to his first film The Man Who Fell To Earth. But, because I love David Hemmings AND David Bowie and Kim Novak, I adore this film! Sure, it’s not great art but what a cast! Here are some great behind the scenes photos and photo shoots for the film courtesy of Getty Images.

David Hemmings in Venice 1954

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The System (1964) | Michael Winner’s dark drama starring Oliver Reed on Blu-ray — Kultguy’s Keep

From Indicator comes the limited edition World Blu-ray premiere of Michael Winner’s 1964 drama, The System. The first film on which star Oliver Reed and director Michael Winner collaborated (they later made The Jokers, I’ll Never Forget What’s ‘Is Name and Hannibal Brooks ), this is a bitter little essay on class and youth that […]

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Stephen Boyd and Stacy Keach in “The Squeeze”, 1977

Great post from the Stephen Boyd blog about The Squeeze, one of my fave Hennings movies from the 70s.

Stephen Boyd Blog


Stephen Boyd’s last feature film, The Squeeze, directed by Michael Apted (Gorky Park, Coal Miner’s Daughter), is a gritty, 70’s British crime drama starring an impressively British-accented Stacy Keach,  Edward Fox, and David Hemmings. It’s a stunning cast, and an equally entertaining crime romp through the streets and back by-ways of London. For Stephen, this was one of those rare film opportunities where he could actually use and enhance his native Ulster brogue with great affect. Boyd portrays an Irish gangster, Vic , and his performance is chilling and effective, especially when countered against the more refined (and cautiously nervous) David Hemmings as his partner.  Carol White is excellent as the kidnapped woman who frets for her daughter’s safety and uses all her wiles to try to turn her captors favor. She runs into a wall, however, when confronting Vic, and the climax of a heist-gun-kidnap battle…

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